Which The Wolverine Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which The Wolverine Character Are You? - Quiz

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Prepare to free your inner mutant with the “Which The Wolverine Character Are You?” quiz! It’s pure and simple fun, no complicated science or superhero jargon. Determine which character embodies your unique strengths – whether it is a fierce independent Wolverine, an intelligent Professor X or a scheming Mystique. 
Let’s plunge into the adventure of discovering our true identity as mutants and join the ranks of X-Men! Therefore, would you rather be the saviour, a strategist or one who changes forms? Allow this quiz to be your mutant guide that discloses the Wolverine in you. There is no need for superpowers – just a curiosity and a love for amusement.

You're offered a powerful weapon. You:

You're faced with a difficult choice between love and duty. You:

Your loved one is kidnapped. You:

You're offered a chance to erase a painful memory. You:

You're offered immortality. You:

You're offered a chance to start over. You:

You encounter a mutant with abilities similar to yours. You:

You're on the verge of death. You:

You discover a hidden truth that could change everything. You:

You face an unbeatable opponent. You:

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