Which Think Like a Man Character Are You? - Think Like a Man Quiz

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Which Think Like a Man Character Are You? - Think Like a Man Quiz

"Think Like a Man" is a 2012 comedy film that humorously delves into relationships and gender dynamics. Show More

Based on Steve Harvey's book, it follows a group of friends who discover their partners are using Harvey's advice against them. The movie explores modern dating challenges and showcases how both men and women navigate love, friendship, and the battle of the partners.
What Character From Think Like a Man Are You?
Find out which character from "Think Like a Man Quiz" matches your personality in this entertaining quiz! Dive into the world of relationships and discover whether you're more like Cedric, Dominic, Lauren Harris, or Michael Hanover. Take the quiz now!

What's your approach to romance?

How do you handle conflicts in relationships?

What's your greatest strength in a relationship?

How do you handle surprises in a relationship?

How do you express love?

What's your philosophy on love and relationships?

How important is honesty in a relationship?

What role do your friends play in your relationship?

What's your outlook on marriage?

What's your idea of a perfect date?

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