Which Twilight Character Are You? - Twilight Quiz

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Which Twilight Character Are You? - Twilight Quiz

In the mysterious town of Forks, teenager Bella Swan finds herself drawn to the enigmatic Edward Cullen, unaware of his vampire nature.Show More

As their love blossoms, they face the challenges of Edward's immortal world and the dangers it brings. Caught between desire and danger, Bella must decide if their love is worth the risks it entails in this gripping tale of romance and suspense.
What Character From Twilight Are You?
Discover your Twilight Quiz alter ego by reflecting on your personality traits, desires, and fears. Are you the fearless Bella Swan, the mysterious Edward Cullen, the loyal Jacob Black, or perhaps the wise Alice Cullen? Explore to uncover your Twilight counterpart.

What's your role in your friend group?

What's your idea of a perfect date?

Do you believe in super power of vampire?

Which word describes you best?

What's your supernatural ability?

What's your favorite season?

What's your approach to conflict resolution?

What's your greatest fear when you are facing vampire?

Do you believe in vampire existence?

What's your favorite type of music?

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