Which Upgraded Character Are You? - Upgraded Quiz

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Which Upgraded Character Are You? - Upgraded Quiz

Imagine a world where humanity can be "upgraded" – infused with superpowers, enhanced intelligence, or even new biological features.Show More

But with great power comes great responsibility, and in "Upgraded," not everyone uses their upgrades for good. 
Are you a brave and selfless hero like Anya, willing to use your abilities to protect others? Or perhaps you're more like the cunning Kai, using your intellect to navigate the murky waters of this new world. Maybe you resonate with the stoic strength of Silas, holding onto your humanity even amidst the chaos. Take this Upgraded quizand discover which "Upgraded" character shares your values and choices. 
Which Upgraded Character Matches Your Personality?
Curious to know which "Upgraded" character reflects your individuality? Play our Upgraded quiz and uncover the character that resonates with your personality. Answer thought-provoking questions to reveal the perfect match. Dive into the adventure with our "What Character From Upgraded Are You?" quiz!

When navigating a chain of events, what qualities do you rely on most?

How do you view the intersection of romance and professional opportunities?

In a glamorous chain of events, what role do you envision for yourself?

Your preferred approach to navigating a potential threat to your fabricated story is:

Your ideal romantic setting involves:

How would you handle the potential surfacing of your fabricated story?

Faced with a dilemma between honesty and opportunity, what's your priority?

In a glamorous setting, how would you handle a case of mistaken identity?

When faced with an unexpected romantic encounter, what's your initial reaction?

How do you handle unexpected opportunities that arise from a small white lie?

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