Which What If...? Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which What If...? Character Are You? - Quiz

Which What If...? Character Are You?

What If…? Is an animated anthology series known that examines the multiple timelines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each series shows a different scenario where a critical MCU film event took place differently. Take one episode, for instance, which highlights what would have happened if Peggy Carter took the super soldier serum and became Captain America instead of Steve Rogers. The Watcher, who is an observer in the multiverse but with no power to act, narrates the series. He introduces each of the episodes and offers occasional commentaries.
What What If...? Character Are You?
Which What If… character do you match your personality with? Take this quiz to find out if you are a fearless super soldier, a cunning spy, or a powerful cosmic being.

A mysterious artifact appears before you. What's your first reaction?

You're faced with a moral dilemma. How do you decide what to do?

When you wake up, you are in a world after an apocalypse. What’s your first move for survival?

How would you use this power if you gained the ability to manipulate time?

You discover a portal to alternate realities. What do you do?

What is the first thing that you will explore when you discover another world with a different level of technology advancement?

Would you change a main event of the past?

How do you react when you meet a different side of yourself?

You see a book that tells you about the future. How do you go about this?

You find yourself with an ability to speak with animals. What do you do with this?

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