Which YuruYuri Character Are You? - YuruYuri Quiz

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Which YuruYuri Character Are You? - YuruYuri Quiz

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Immerse yourself in the delightful world of friendships and comedic antics. YuruYuri, a lighthearted anime, explores the humorous interactions of high school friends. It is a friendship blossoms amidst comedic chaos as high schoolers navigate the ups and downs of adolescence. 
What Character From YuruYuri Are You?
Embark on a journey to unveil your YuruYuri alter ego through these emotion-filled questions inspired by the vibrant and entertaining anime.

Your motto in life is:

Your reaction to a surprise party is:

How do you handle a disagreement with a friend?

Your approach to cheering up a friend is:

Your reaction to a cute animal is:

How do you react to a scary movie?

In a karaoke session, you would likely sing:

Your preferred way to spend a lazy afternoon is:

When planning a group outing, your role is:

Your reaction to receiving a love letter is:

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