Which Zootopia+ Character Are You? - Zootopia+ Quiz

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Which Zootopia+ Character Are You?

Welcome To Zootopia+ Quiz!Show More

Hop on board the Zootopia express and discover your inner furry (or feathered!) friend with the Which Zootopia+ Character Are You? Quiz!
Are you a bunny cop with boundless optimism like Judy Hopps, a sly fox with a heart of gold like Nick Wilde, or a pop star gazelle as dazzling as Gazelle? Every answer unlocks your hidden Zootopian traits! Will you lead the way with bunny brains, charm your way through with foxy finesse, or mesmerize the masses with your megawatt smile? 
Play now and find out – this quiz is wilder than a donut shop robbery and hoppier than a carrot-fueled chase! Get ready to unleash your Zootopia+ spirit!

Zootopia+ challenges stereotypes. Which stereotype would you most like to challenge?

How would you describe your approach to solving problems in Zootopia+?

When faced with a conflict in Zootopia+, how do you handle it?

Zootopia+ is home to various animal species. Which one do you resonate with the most?

What would be your dream job in the dynamic world of Zootopia+?

In the diverse neighborhoods of Zootopia+, where would you feel most at home?

In a group project in Zootopia+, what role would you naturally take on?

What Zootopia+ event would you be most excited to attend for a fun day out?

What Zootopia+ activity would you engage in during your free time?

If you had to choose a mode of transportation in Zootopia+, what would it be?

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