World Environment Day Trivia Quiz: How Much You Know About World Environment Day?

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World Environment Day Trivia Quiz: How Much You Know About World Environment Day?

World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5, to raise global awareness about environmental issues and encourage positive action towards protecting and preserving our planet. This day encourages individuals, communities, and governments worldwide to come together and take positive steps towards protecting the environment. With changing climates and growing ecological concerns, this Day serves as a reminder of the urgent need to conserve and restore our natural resources.

How can individuals contribute to World Environment Day?

  • Planting trees

  • Recycling

  • Conserving water and energy

  • All of the above

What is the main objective of World Environment Day?

  • To raise awareness about environmental issues

  • To promote sustainable development

  •  To encourage global cooperation for environmental protection

  • All of the above

Which environmental issue was the focus of World Environment Day in 2021?

  • Air pollution

  • Ecosystem restoration

  • Water scarcity

  • Deforestation

Which animal is the mascot for World Environment Day?

  • Elephant

  • Tiger

  • Panda

  • Lion

Which country hosted the official celebrations of World Environment Day in 2022?

  • Sweden

  • China

  • Germany

  • Brazil

When was the first World Environment Day celebrated?

  • 1970

  • 1973

  • 1982

  • 1990

Which United Nations agency is responsible for organizing World Environment Day?


  • UNDP

  • UNEP


How many countries participate in World Environment Day activities each year?

  • 50

  • 100

  • 150

  • Over 190

What is World Environment Day 2023's theme?

  • Biodiversity

  • Climate Action

  • Sustainable Tourism

  • Solutions to plastic pollution

When is World Environment Day celebrated?

  • June 5

  • July 10

  • March 22

  • September 21


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