Zach King Trivia Quiz: American Internet Personality/ You tuber

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Zach King Trivia Quiz: American Internet Personality/ You tuber

Zach King Quiz: How well do you know Zach King?

Zach King is an American YouTuber, TikTok star, and filmmaker. He gained popularity on Vine with his "magic" videos, which feature clever video editing to create the illusion of magic tricks. He has since amassed millions of followers on social media and has produced and directed films and commercials. He is known for his family-friendly content and wholesome personality. Here are 10 quiz questions based on Zach King. Let’s play the quiz!

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Which of the following is NOT a book that Zach King has authored?
What is the name of Zach King's YouTube channel?
What is Zach King known for?
What is the name of the app that Zach King created which allows users to create their own magic videos?
What social media platform did Zach King first gain popularity on?
What is the name of the award that Zach King won at the 2014 Streamy Awards?
What is the name of the non-profit organization that Zach King co-founded with his wife, Rachel?
What is the name of the film that Zach King starred in and co-produced in 2020?
In what year did Zach King start creating and sharing his magic videos on social media?
What was the name of the TV show that Zach King starred in for one season in 2018?

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