Jenna Dewan Trivia Quiz: An American Dancer & Actress

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Jenna Dewan Trivia Quiz: An American Dancer & Actress

Jenna Dewan is popular American actress, dancer, and former model. She rose to fame for her roles in Step Up and American Horror Story, and is also known for her appearances as a judge on World of Dance. Dewan has also worked as a backup dancer for numerous famous musicians, including Janet Jackson and Pink. Here are 10 quiz questions based on Jenna Dewan’s life. So, let’s play the quiz!

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In which film did Jenna Dewan have a supporting role as a high school student who was also a popular cheerleader?

  • 10 Things I Hate About You

  • Bring It On

  • Mean Girls

  • Clueless

What dance movie did Jenna Dewan star in alongside Channing Tatum?

  • Step Up

  • Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

  • Save the Last Dance

  • Center Stage

What is the name of the daughter Jenna Dewan shares with her ex-husband Channing Tatum?

  • Ava

  • Everly

  • Harper

  • Luna

What is the name of Jenna Dewan's memoir, which was published in 2019?

  • Gracefully You

  • My Story

  • From Dancer to Actress

  • Dancing Through Life

In which reality TV competition show did Jenna Dewan serve as a judge and mentor?

  • Dancing with the Stars

  • So You Think You Can Dance

  • America's Got Talent

  • World of Dance

In which TV series did Jenna Dewan star as the lead character?

  • Glee

  • Grey's Anatomy

  • The Vampire Diaries

  • Witches of East End

What is the name of the talk show that Jenna Dewan hosted and executive produced for the streaming service Quibi?

  • The Jenna Dewan Show

  • The Dewan Way

  • Jenna on the Go

  • All Things Dewan

In which year did Jenna Dewan marry Channing Tatum?

  • 2007

  • 2009

  • 2011

  • 2013

What is the name of the Netflix series in which Jenna Dewan stars as a judge and mentor for young dancers?

  • Dance Academy

  • Tiny Pretty Things

  • Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker

  • Cheer

What is Jenna Dewan's profession?

  • Actress

  • Singer

  • Dancer

  • All of the above


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