Amanda Cerny Trivia Quiz: American Internet Personality/ You Tuber

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  • Last Updated: 19 Feb, 2023
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Amanda Cerny Trivia Quiz: American Internet Personality/ You Tuber

Amanda Cerny Quiz: How well do you know Amanda Cerny?

Amanda Cerny is an American YouTuber, actress, and social media personality. She gained popularity on Vine before transitioning to YouTube, where she posts vlogs, skits, and comedy videos. She has also acted in several movies and TV shows and has worked as a model. She is known for her advocacy work around mental health and women's issues. Here are 10 quiz questions based on Amanda Cerny. Let’s play the quiz!

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What is the name of the TV series that Amanda Cerny co-hosted with King Bach?
In what year was Amanda Cerny born?
What is the name of the charity that Amanda Cerny co-founded with her friend Johannes Bartl?
What is the name of the YouTube show that Amanda Cerny hosts with her friend Jacqueline Fernandez?
In what movie did Amanda Cerny make her feature film debut?
Which of the following is NOT a type of content Amanda Cerny creates on her social media platforms?
What was Amanda Cerny's first job in the entertainment industry?
In what year did Amanda Cerny start making Vine videos?
Which of the following companies has Amanda Cerny NOT worked with as a brand ambassador or influencer?
What is Amanda Cerny's primary platform for content creation?

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