Frank Conroy Trivia Quiz: An American Author of “Stop-Time”

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Frank Conroy Trivia Quiz:  An American Author of “Stop-Time”

Frank Conroy Quiz: How well do you know Frank Conroy?

Frank Conroy was an American author, musician, and educator. He is best known for his memoir "Stop-Time," which was published in 1967 and received critical acclaim. Conroy also served as the director of the Iowa Writers' Workshop for 18 years. He was a notable figure in the American literary community and was praised for his vivid and introspective writing style. Here are 10 quiz questions based on Frank Conroy. Let’s play the quiz!

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When was Frank Conroy born?
What is the main theme of Body and Soul?
What is the main theme of Stop-Time?
Where was Frank Conroy born?
What is the narrative style of Body and Soul?
Where did Frank Conroy spend much of his life?
What is Frank Conroy's best known work?
What is the narrative style of Stop-Time?
What is the setting of Stop-Time?
What is Frank Conroy's second book?

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