Jenna Lyons Trivia Quiz: American fashion designer & television personality

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Jenna Lyons Trivia Quiz: American fashion designer & television personality

Jenna Lyons Quiz: How well do you know Jenna Lyons?

June 8, 1968, was Jenna Lyons' birthday. American fashion designer, entrepreneur, and media personality Jenna Lyons was born and raised. From 2010 to Jenna Lyons' announcement of her resignation from the company in April 2017, Lyons served as president and executive creative director of the retailer J. Crew. Over her twenty-seven years with J. Crew, Jenna Lyons held a variety of positions. Jenna Lyonsstart working in 1990. The Jenna Lyons also won title known as "Woman Who Dresses America". The CEO and co-founder of the false eyelash beauty brand LoveSeen is Jenna Lyons. To dothe work in reality television, Stylish with Jenna Lyons and The Real Housewives of New York City, which she joined in the fourteenth season of, are two of Jenna Lyons' most well-known television roles.
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Jenna Lyons has appeared as a judge on which fashion reality TV show?
Jenna Lyons was known for breaking traditional fashion norms, especially regarding:
Jenna Lyons is known for her distinctive style, often characterized by her signature:
After leaving J.Crew, Jenna Lyons launched her own beauty brand. What is it called?
What was Jenna Lyons' position at J.Crew that gained her widespread recognition?
What is Jenna Lyons' weight?
Jenna Lyons is best known for her prominent role in which fashion brand?
What is the height of Jenna Lyons?
In which city was Jenna Lyons born?
What is the date of birth of Jenna Lyons?
Jenna Lyons served as an executive producer for a reality TV show. What is the show's name?
Which magazine featured Jenna Lyons in a controversial photoshoot that garnered attention?
What is Jenna Lyons' religion?
Which prestigious award did Jenna Lyons receive in 2012 for her contributions to the fashion industry?
Under Jenna Lyons' leadership, J.Crew became known for its focus on:

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