Martha Graham Trivia Quiz: An American Dancer

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Martha Graham Trivia Quiz: An American Dancer

Martha Graham was born in Pennsylvania, the U.S., on May 11, 1894. She is an American choreographer and modern dancer. Graham's technique changed American dance and is currently taught around the world. Graham was a dancer and teacher for more than seventy years. She was the first dancer to perform in the White House, move abroad as a cultural ambassador, and get the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction, the highest civilian honor in the United States. In addition, she was awarded multiple awards during her lifetime, including the Key to the City of Paris and Japan's Imperial Order of the Precious Crown. Here's a quiz based on Martha Graha.

When did Graham attend the first dance performance of her life?

  • In 1910

  • In 1911

  • In 1912

  • In 1913

In 1965, Graham became the first director of which company?

  • Groove Gang Company

  • Batsheva Dance Company

  • Dancefloor Divas Company

  • Dancefloor Professionals Company

In 1925, at which music school was Graham employed?

  • The Juilliard School of music

  • The New School of music

  • Manhattan School of Music

  • Bronx School of music

In 1938, who was invited Graham to dance at the White House?

  • Roosevelts

  • Jimmy Carter

  • Elizabeth Warren

  • Bill Clinton

When was Martha Graham born?

  • January 1892

  • March 1893

  • May 1894

  • June 1895

Where was Martha Graham born?

  • Pittsburgh

  • Philadelphia

  • Allentown

  • West Chester

When did Graham create Heretic?

  • In 1926

  • In 1927

  • In 1928

  • In 1929

When did Martha Graham die?

  • In 1990

  • In 1991

  • In 1992

  • In 1993

In 1976, which of these awards did Graham receive?

  • The Legion of Merit

  • The Medal for Merit

  • The Congressional Gold Medal

  • The Presidential Medal of Freedom

When was Graham debuted her first independent concert?

  • April 18, 1926

  • March 14, 1925

  • May 23, 1928

  • September 11, 1930


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