Twyla Tharp Quiz: An American Dancer And Choreographer

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Twyla Tharp Quiz: An American Dancer And Choreographer

Twyla Tharp is an American dancer, choreographer, and author, born in 1941. In 1966 she formed the company Twyla Tharp Dance. Twyla Tharp Dance toured extensively worldwide from 1971 to 1988, performing classical, jazz, and contemporary pop music. Twyla Tharp Dance merged with American Ballet Theatre in 1988, and since then, 16 of her works have been premiered by the ABT. In addition, Tharp created Deuce Coupe for the Joffrey Ballet in 1973. Take this quiz to know how well do you know about Twyla Tharp.

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When did Twyla Tharp Dance merge with American Ballet Theatre?
When did Twyla Tharp form the company Twyla Tharp Dance?
When did Twyla Tharp create the full-length ballet The Princess and the Goblin, based on George MacDonald's story The Princess and the Goblin?
When was Twyla Tharp born?
When did Harvard University award Twyla Tharp an honorary Doctor of Arts degree?
When did Twyla Tharp‘s staging of Singin' in the Rain play at the Gershwin for 367 performances?
When did Twyla Tharp premier her dance musical Movin' Out, set to the music and lyrics of Billy Joel?
When did Twyla Tharp work with the songs of Frank Sinatra to mount Come Fly with Me, which ran at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta?
In which year did Twyla Tharp choreograph Deuce Coupe to the music of The Beach Boys for the Joffrey Ballet?
When did Twyla Tharp choreograph her first dance, Tank Dive?