Michael Jackson Quiz: King Of Pop Songs And Dance Icon

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Michael Jackson Quiz: King Of Pop Songs And Dance Icon

Michael Joseph Jackson was born in the year 1958. He was one of the legendary American singers and dancers. His slow-motion dancing moves changed the definition of dance, and he became the icon of the dancing world. After Michael Jackson passed away, fans have continued to show their love for him. The music and the genius of Michael Jackson live on forever. Michael Jackson is an international superstar and inspiration of all the dancers and singers from worldwide. In this section, we test your knowledge on how much you know about superstar- Michael Jackson.

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When was Michael Jackson born?
Michael Jackson was born in_______.
“Thriller” album gets enormous popularity and also won Grammy Awards. How many Grammy Awards has it received?
When did Michael Jackson Die?
The first time Michael Jackson performed was in the group? What is the name of that group?
The middle name of Michael Jackson is ___________.
“Thriller” album has _________ number of tracks.
What is the name of the movie in which Michael Jackson contributed a song?
Which of the following skin condition did Michael Jackson suffer?
To whom did Michael Jackson get married?