Garrett Morgan Trivia Quiz: American Inventor, Businessman, and Community Leader

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Garrett Morgan Quiz: How well do you know Garrett Morgan?

Garrett Morgan was an African American inventor and businessman who invented the gas mask and the traffic signal, and also saved several lives during a tunnel rescue using his gas mask invention.

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What was the purpose of the self-extinguishing cigarette Garrett Morgan invented?
What did Garrett Morgan help start in 1908?
What other significant invention did Garrett Morgan develop?
What is Garrett Morgan best known for inventing?
What condition did Garrett Morgan develop later in life?
What inspired Garrett Morgan's interest in inventing?
What was the name of the hair care products company founded by Garrett Morgan?
What was the name of the hood Garrett Morgan used to rescue workers from a water intake tunnel in 1916?
Where did Garrett Morgan move in 1895?
What did Garrett Morgan invent in 1914?

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