John Hays Hammond Jr. Trivia Quiz: The Father of Radio Control

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John Hays Hammond Jr. was an American engineer, inventor, and mining magnate. Hammond Jr. is perhaps best known for his work on radio control technology. He developed a system that allowed a pilot to remotely control an airplane, which was used by the U.S. military during World War II.

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What was the primary purpose of Hammond's castle?

  • To serve as his laboratory

  • To serve as his home

  • To serve as a museum

  • All of the above

What was the profession of John Hays Hammond Jr.'s father?

  • Mining engineer

  • Doctor

  • Lawyer

  • Politician

Which of the following is not an example of modern radio remote control devices that Hammond's work influenced?

  • Missile guidance systems

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Unmanned ground vehicles

  • Unmanned combat aerial vehicles

What did Hammond build between 1926 and 1929?

  • A rocket ship

  • A time machine

  • A submarine

  • A castle

What was one of Hammond's most significant inventions?

  • The telephone

  • The light bulb

  • The controlled pitch propeller

  • The printing press

What type of artifacts did Hammond collect for his castle?

  • Roman, medieval, and Renaissance artifacts

  • Egyptian artifacts

  • Egyptian artifacts

  • Asian artifacts

What is John Hays Hammond Jr. known for?

  • The invention of the steam engine

  • The development of electronic remote control

  • The creation of the internet

  • The discovery of the atom

What famous musical instrument did Hammond have installed in the castle's Great Hall?

  • A grand piano

  • A harp

  • An organ

  • A guitar

What are some modern devices that are based on Hammond's inventions?

  • Microwave ovens and dishwashers

  • Televisions and radios

  • Missile guidance systems and UAVs

  • Smartphones and laptops

John Hays Hammond Jr. is known as?

  • The Father of Radio Broadcasting

  • The Father of Radio Control

  • The Father of Modern Aviation

  • The Father of Modern Telecommunications


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