Jerry Lawson Trivia Quiz: An American Electronic Engineer

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Jerry Lawson was an American engineer and inventor who is best known for designing the first cartridge-based video game console, the Fairchild Channel F. He was a self-taught engineer who founded his own company, Videosoft, and also worked for Fairchild Semiconductor and Atari during his career.

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What was the name of the group of early computer hobbyists that Jerry Lawson was a member of?

  • Apple Club

  • Computer Science Society

  • Homebrew Computer Club

  • Silicon Valley Geeks

What was the name of the first coin-operated arcade game created by Jerry Lawson?

  • Pac-Man

  • Demolition Derby

  • Space Invaders

  • Donkey Kong

What video game console did Videosoft develop software for in the early 1980s?

  • Atari 2600

  • Fairchild Channel F

  • Nintendo Entertainment System

  • Sega Genesis

What was the role of Lawson's team in developing the technology for game cartridges?

  • They invented the technology from scratch

  • They improved technology developed at Alpex

  • They licensed the technology from Atari

  • They outsourced the technology to a third-party vendor

What was the Fairchild Channel F console designed to use?

  • Swappable game cartridges

  • Built-in game programming

  • Cartridges that could only be removed with special tools

  • Discs with game software

What was Lawson's role at Fairchild Semiconductor?

  • Chief Marketing Officer

  • Chief Hardware Engineer

  • CEO

  • Chief Financial Officer

What was the name of the video game development company founded by Jerry Lawson?

  • Videosoft

  • Atari

  • Alpex

  • Fairchild Semiconductor

What famous technology figure did Jerry Lawson interview for a position at Fairchild but did not hire?

  • Bill Gates

  • Elon Musk

  • Mark Zuckerberg

  • Steve Jobs

What was the primary reason for the lack of commercial success of the Fairchild Channel F console?

  • It had poor graphics

  • It was too expensive

  • It didn't have enough games available

  • It was too difficult to use

What was unique about the joystick designed by Lawson for the Fairchild Channel F console?

  • It had six buttons instead of the usual two

  • It could be used with both hands

  • It was wireless

  • It was an 8-way joystick


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