Robert Kearns Trivia Quiz: An American Engineer, Educator and Inventor

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Robert Kearns Quiz: How well do you know Robert Kearns?

Robert Kearns was an American inventor and engineer who invented the intermittent windshield wiper for cars, a technology that became standard in the industry, and fought a long legal battle against the automobile industry for patent infringement.

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What was the title of the biographical feature film based on Kearns's life?
Which auto maker was the first to roll out electronic intermittent wipers based on Kearns's design?
How old was Kearns when he passed away?
Which of the following auto makers rejected Kearns's proposal to license his technology?
What was the subject of the 1993 article in The New Yorker magazine about Kearns's legal battle?
What was the cause of Kearns's death?
What was Robert Kearns known for inventing?
When did Kearns file his first patent for the intermittent windshield wiper?
Who played Robert Kearns in the biographical feature film Flash of Genius?
What was the reason for Kearns's separation from his wife Phyllis?

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