William G. Morgan Trivia Quiz: Inventor of Volleyball

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William G. Morgan Trivia Quiz: Inventor of Volleyball

William G. Morgan Quiz: How well do you know William G. Morgan?

William G. Morgan was the inventor of volleyball, a popular sport played worldwide. He created the game in 1895 while working as an instructor at the YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA. Volleyball was designed to be a less strenuous alternative to basketball, but soon became a competitive sport in its own right.

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Who did William Morgan meet while studying at Springfield College in 1892?
In what year was volleyball introduced to the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo?
What was the suggestion made by Professor Alfred T. Halsted to William Morgan regarding the name of the game?
What company did William Morgan join after leaving his job at the YMCA?
When were new rules, including the three hits per side and the back row attack rules, instigated for volleyball?
In what year was the first official handbook of the North American YMCA Athletic League added with Morgan's sport?
What were the two teams of men created by Morgan to demonstrate Mintonette at Springfield College?
In what year was the Morgan Trophy Award created?
What was the original name of volleyball invented by William Morgan?
What is the name of the school in Holyoke that bears William Morgan's name?

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