Bill Lear Trivia Quiz: Founder of Learjet

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Bill Lear Trivia Quiz: Founder of Learjet

Bill Lear was an American inventor and entrepreneur who is best known for developing the Learjet, a popular business jet used for executive travel. He also invented the car radio, the eight-track tape player, and the Lear Siegler ADM-3A computer terminal, which revolutionized the field of computing.

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How many patents did Bill Learreceive throughout his career?

  • Over 140

  • Over 200

  • Over 300

  • Over 400

What did Bill Leardo while he was briefly employed at a local airfield?

  • He repaired airplanes

  • He learned to fly

  • He worked in the cafeteria

  • He cleaned the hangar

Where was Bill Learborn?

  • Dubuque, Iowa

  • Chicago, Illinois

  • Hannibal, Missouri

  • Tulsa, Oklahoma

What did Bill Learlearn from Paul Rader of the Moody Tabernacle?

  • How to build airplanes

  • How to speak and meet people

  • How to write poetry

  • How to paint portraits

What did Bill Learinvent that eliminated the need for B batteries?

  • The car radio

  • The 8-track cartridge

  • The Learjet engine

  • The battery eliminator

What is Bill Learbest known for founding?

  • An automotive company

  • A manufacturer of business jets

  • A pharmaceutical company

  • A clothing brand

What award did Bill Learreceive in 1949?

  • Nobel Prize

  • Pulitzer Prize

  • Collier Trophy

  • Academy Award

What did Bill Leardo after he was discharged from the U.S. Navy?

  • He started a radio repair shop

  • He joined the U.S. Army

  • He became a teacher

  • He moved to Europe

Who did Bill Learmarry in 1926?

  • Ethel Peterson

  • Moya Olsen

  • Margret Radell

  • Madeline Murphy

Who raised Bill Learas his stepson?

  • His aunt

  • His father

  • Otto Kirmse

  • Paul Rader


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