Bill Lear Trivia Quiz: Founder of Learjet

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Bill Lear Trivia Quiz: Founder of Learjet

Bill Lear Quiz: How well do you know Bill Lear?

Bill Lear was an American inventor and entrepreneur who is best known for developing the Learjet, a popular business jet used for executive travel. He also invented the car radio, the eight-track tape player, and the Lear Siegler ADM-3A computer terminal, which revolutionized the field of computing.

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Where was Bill Learborn?
What award did Bill Learreceive in 1949?
Who raised Bill Learas his stepson?
What did Bill Learlearn from Paul Rader of the Moody Tabernacle?
Who did Bill Learmarry in 1926?
What did Bill Leardo after he was discharged from the U.S. Navy?
How many patents did Bill Learreceive throughout his career?
What did Bill Learinvent that eliminated the need for B batteries?
What did Bill Leardo while he was briefly employed at a local airfield?
What is Bill Learbest known for founding?

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