Granville Woods Trivia Quiz: An American inventor

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Granville Woods was an African American inventor and electrical engineer who made important contributions to the development of the telegraph and the telephone. Born in 1856, Woods was largely self-taught, but his ingenuity and technical knowledge earned him more than 60 patents over the course of his career. He is best known for his inventions in the field of railway communication.

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What did Woods establish in Cincinnati, Ohio?

  • A law firm

  • A medical clinic

  • An electrical engineering and invention business

  • A restaurant

What did Woods' company in Cincinnati become after he received the multiplex telegraph patent?

  • Woods Engineering Co.

  • Woods Industries Co.

  • Woods Technology Co.

  • Woods Electric Co.

Where did Woods work as an engineer after leaving the steamer Ironsides?

  • Dayton and Southwestern Railroad in southwestern Ohio

  • The Pennsylvania Railroad in Philadelphia

  • The Union Pacific Railroad in Omaha

  • The Southern Pacific Railroad in Los Angeles

What was Woods' notable invention?

  • The automatic brake

  • The egg incubator

  • The phonograph

  • The Synchronous Multiplex Railway Telegraph

What did Woods invent and patent for the electric railroad system?

  • The automatic brake

  • The egg incubator

  • Tunnel Construction

  • The phonograph

What was Woods' first job aboard a steamer called?

  • Ironman

  • Ironsides

  • Ironclad

  • Ironheart

What was Granville Woods known for?

  • Holding more than 100 patents in the United States

  • Being the first African American engineer in the United States

  • Inventing the telephone and phonograph

  • Developing the first automobile engine

Who joined Woods in his research operations in New York City?

  • His wife

  • His sister

  • His brother, Lyates Woods

  • His son

What was Woods' nickname?

  • The Black Inventor

  • The Black Edison

  • The Black Engineer

  • The Black Patent Holder

How did the Synchronous Multiplex Railway Telegraph work?

  • It relied on ambient static electricity from existing telegraph lines to send messages between train stations and moving trains.

  • It used a satellite to send messages between train stations and moving trains.

  • It used a special wireless device to send messages between train stations and moving trains.

  • It used a special Morse code system to send messages between train stations and moving trains.


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