Joy Mangano Trivia Quiz: An American Inventor

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Joy Mangano Trivia Quiz: An American Inventor

Joy Mangano was born in 1956. She is a well-known American entrepreneur and inventor who is responsible for innovations like the Miracle Mop that self-wrings. Prior to her resignation in late 2018, she served as the president of Ingenious Designs, LLC, and made frequent appearances on the American shopping network HSN. Here’s a quiz based on Joy Mangano. So, Let’s play the quiz.

Read Biography of Joy Mangano

Where was Joy Mangano born?

  • California

  • Texas

  • New York

  • Alaska

In what year did Mangano judge Made in the USA on cable television?

  • In 2005

  • In 2006

  • In 2007

  • In 2008

When was she listed as the 77th most creative person in business on Fast Company's list of the top 100?

  • In 2007

  • In 2008

  • In 2009

  • In 2010

What is the name of Mangano's autobiography?

  • My Joy

  • Inventing Joy

  • Last Words

  • Long Walk With Joy

In 1978, From which university did Mangano graduate with the degree in business administration?

  • Oxford University

  • Alaska University

  • Stevens University

  • Pace University

To whom did Mangano get married?

  • John Miranne

  • Robert Miranne

  • Ben Miranne

  • Tony Miranne

Who played Mangano in the 2015 film joy?

  • Jennifer Lawrence

  • Angelina Jolie

  • Meryl Streep

  • Julia Roberts

In 2007, Mangano appeared on which ABC show?

  • GMA3

  • General Hospital

  • The View

  • Nightline

When was Joy Mangano born?

  • February 1, 1956

  • February 2, 1956

  • February 3, 1956

  • February 4, 1956

In what year did Ernst & Young name Mangano Long Island Entrepreneur of the Year?

  • In 1996

  • In 1997

  • In 1998

  • In 1999


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