Hiram Maxim Trivia Quiz: Inventor of Maxim Machine Gun

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Hiram Maxim Trivia Quiz: Inventor of Maxim Machine Gun

Hiram Maxim was an American-born British inventor who is best known for creating the Maxim gun, the first self-powered machine gun. He also invented various other machines and devices, including a smokeless gunpowder and a flying machine. Maxim was awarded numerous patents and honors for his groundbreaking work.

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In what year did Hiram Maxim become a British subject?

  • 1916

  • 1901

  • 1899

  • 1884

How many patents did Hiram Maxim have in total?

  • 127

  • 256

  • 364

  • 271

What is cordite?

  • A type of smokeless powder

  • A type of machine gun

  • A type of gun barrel

  • A type of bullet

Where was Hiram Maxim born?

  • New York City

  • London

  • Sangerville, Maine

  • Fitchburg, Massachusetts

What is Hiram Maxim known for creating?

  • The first steam engine

  • The first lightbulb

  • The first automatic machine gun

  • The first airplane

What was the name of the subsequent model of Hiram Maxim's automated gun?

  • The Gatling gun

  • The Vickers Maxim

  • The pom-pom gun

  • The aerial torpedo gun

What event led to the success of Hiram Maxim's machine gun?

  • World War I

  • The Boer War

  • The Boxer Rebellion

  • The American Civil War

What was Hiram Maxim's first major contribution to the field of electricity?

  • The graphite-rod incandescent light bulb

  • The electric current regulator

  • A standardized coating of carbon lamp filaments

  • The delayed-action fuse

What was the name of the highly successful amusement ride that Hiram Maxim designed?

  • The Ferris Wheel

  • The Steam-Powered Carousel

  • The Electric Swing

  • The Captive Flying Machine

What was the first invention that Hiram Maxim patented?

  • A steam engine

  • A hair-curling iron

  • A mousetrap

  • An incandescent light bulb


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