Robert H. Rines Trivia Quiz: An American Inventor

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Robert H. Rines was an American inventor and physicist who contributed to the development of sonar technology, as well as the discovery of the Loch Ness Monster, using sonar imagery.

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At what age did Robert H. Rines play a violin duet with Albert Einstein?

  • 7

  • 15

  • 11

  • 19

Which organization did Robert H. Rines found to stimulate high school students' interest in science, technology, and inventions?

  • National Inventors Hall of Fame


  • Franklin Pierce Law Center

  • Academy of Applied Science

What is Robert H. Rines best known for?

  • Being a lawyer

  • Inventing a Microwave Early Warning System

  • Composing music

  • Searching for the Loch Ness Monster

Which university did Robert H. Rines receive his Bachelor of Science degree from?

  • Georgetown University

  • National Chiao Tung University

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Harvard University

Which commercial Salmon farming operation did Robert H. Rines found in the early 80s?


  • Franklin Pierce Law Center

  • National Inventors Hall of Fame

  • None of the above

How many patents did Robert H. Rines hold, according to the list published by the Franklin Pierce Law Center?

  • 80

  • 81

  • 100

  • 200

What philanthropic activity did Robert H. Rines engage in?

  • Establishing the Academy of Applied Science

  • Providing educational grants for his extended family

  • Donating to the National Inventors Hall of Fame

  • Establishing NEFFE

What was Robert H. Rines' role during World War II?

  • Army Signal Corps officer

  • Inventor

  • Lawyer

  • Musician

For which show did Robert H. Rines compose music?

  • Hizzoner!

  • Blast and Bravos

  • Drums Under the Windows

  • Long Voyage Home

In which year was Robert H. Rines born?

  • 1920

  • 1922

  • 1930

  • 1932


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