Clarence Birdseye Trivia Quiz: An American Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Naturalist

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Clarence Birdseye Quiz: How well do you know Clarence Birdseye?

Clarence Birdseye was an American inventor and entrepreneur who developed a method for quick-freezing food, revolutionizing the frozen food industry and making it possible to preserve food for much longer periods of time.

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What did Birdseye nickname himself when he advertised his courses in taxidermy at the age of eleven?
Who is considered the founder of the modern frozen food industry?
What was one of Clarence Birdseye's inventions?
What did Birdseye learn from the Inuit during his field assignment in Labrador?
What was Birdseye obsessed with as a child?
What did Birdseye discover about frozen seafood during his hunting trip to Canada?
What is the advantage of rapid freezing, according to Birdseye's research?
Where did Birdseye build a ranch for raising foxes?
What was the cause of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which Birdseye and entomologist Willard Van Orsdel King discovered in Montana?
Where did Birdseye grow up?

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