Michiaki Takahashi Quiz: A Japanese Virologist

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Michiaki Takahashi Quiz: A Japanese Virologist

Michiaki Takahashi was born in Japan in February 1928. He was a Japanese virologist who developed the first chickenpox vaccine. He created the "Oka" vaccination by creating v-Oka, a live-attenuated varicella-zoster virus strain. Takahashi graduated from Osaka University's Medical School in 1954 and finished the Graduate Course of Medical Science in 1959, specializing in poxvirus virology. From 1963 to 1965, he attended Baylor College of Medicine in Texas and Temple University's Fels Research Institute in Philadelphia. Let's take the quiz related to Michiaki Takahashi to learn more about them.

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In 1954, from which university did Takahashi earn his MD?
In 1975, which of these awards did Takahashi get?
When was the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare approved Takahashi's vaccine for worldwide use?
When was Michiaki Takahashi born?
In 1994, Takahashi became the director of which university's Microbial Disease Study Group?
When did Takahashi get Prince Mahidol Award?
Where was Michiaki Takahashi born?
Which title was given to Takahashi After retirement from Osaka University?
When did Michiaki Takahashi die?
Takahashi was best known for which invention?